This carved crocodile and frog canoe prow, comes from an area of the Sepik River in Papa New Guinea, where this adornment is common on the tribes most frequent method of transport. This wood carving has a beautiful patina, accented with black pigments and is commensurate with its age. 20th C, approximately 1940- 1970. The tribespeople of the middle and lower Sepik river regions rely on their canoes for transport, and the crocodile emblem is said to ward off real crocodile attacks. The amount of carving indicates status and power within the tribal system.  This would make a wonderful talking point in any home or hospitality setting, and is deep enough to hold further items such as flowers, as a centrepiece. 

Sepik River Crocodile Canoe Prow

  • Length: 840mm 
    Width: 258mm
    Height: 140mm